Phoenix SEO Experts & My Following

How am I doing?

Thanks to the team out in PHX I have really started to grow a serious following. We sat down and figured out what my audience was and where they would be located. What I was doing is focusing on content rather than capturing the attention of people who love what I do. We made the transition to Twitter and Instagram, that’s when everything changed. I know have over ten thousand raving fans on Instagram who can’t wait to see where I travel to next. We now use twitter to funnel our new potential followers to the Instagram page and POW! Instant increases in traffic.


My favorite SEO team

I have actually had people reach out to me and ask me how I did it so quickly. Without the SEO consulting – Ryan Humiston I would be where I am today. They are truly the best PHX SEO company and I couldn’t be more thankful to have them to help me. Social media marketing is definitely one of their strong suits, They have helped me completely automate my posts and now I only write content once a week. All I have to do is follow the engagement and interact. I used to spend hours, LITERALLY HOURS! Writing engaging material in hopes of getting a few new followers.

You need to OUTSOURCE!

I can’t stress enough the power of outsourcing. I have friends who are still putting together their wordpress site and are nowhere near finished. I recommend hiring someone for everything, with platforms like Fiverr it’s easy for anyone to leverage the skills of others. As you get more advanced then you can hire the top professionals but in the beginning the most important thing is to get started. The best thing I did was hire a search engine optimization company – Phoneix seo, they opened my eyes to what else I could outsource. The beautiful part is you are usually helping someone in a poverty stricken country fuel their dreams by paying them.

Well, we are revamping it yet again. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when we come out the 3.0 version! I have been in direct contact with the designers and I’m excited to see what my vision turns into.

My new travel blog thanks to the owner of Phoenix SEO

Here it is!

My first real travel blog. If you know me then you know my passion is to travel the world, meet people and experience life but what you probably don’t know is how computer illiterate I am. Here is what I’ve learned from my trip to Phoenix

There are 3 ways to stand out

As a blogger, a person can measure your achievements in the biz is when you’ve reached hundreds of focused hits within just one day. You have almost certainly noticed it from other blogs and you can not help but drop your jaw to the floor in awe as their stats continue to trickle in figures in a short period of time, sometimes seconds. If you are just commencing out as a blogger, you may sense a tiny but oh so powerful feeling of with this tough objective. Of course I can do this and you can too, how hard could it be to make your site stand out and make hundreds, 1000’s or even hundreds of thousands of people visit it every month.
My mentor told me to find  Your Market & Come to be a Specialist. Once you have picked the form of matter that piques your curiosity and your curiosity the most, you should not settle in writing below the broadest and the most basic feeling. For me that was easy, Travel! I love to travel and love to talk about it. The craziest thing about meeting Ryan was I never intended to seek out someone and learn how to setup a WordPress blog, actually I found him through Youtube. Seriously, I was searching for a personal trainer in Scottsdale and his video was the first one that popped up. Our training session turned into a two hour gab session, you never know where life will take you!

Another thing he told me was not do to just add stuff to my website. He said I was going to be tempted to throw up a ton of information on here that for the most part wouldn’t help my cause. He said the focus should be on QUALITY not QUANTITY, which makes sense but I have a ton to say… Another thing was Do not! Have the variety of website that men and women will go to because they are fired up about what’s on your head. He said “we are not trying to start a revolution Nancy, just make your posts gender neutral and leave your soap box at home. Okay, I guess.

Stand out, one of the biggest things I took away was to stand out! After I researched other travel blogs I understood this completely. Not only were they all so mundane and uninformative but some of them left you asking the questions, why? I mean, if I can’t get into a blog about travel and I’m a complete travel nut then the average person won’t read two sentences of this. I think it comes back the old saying “facts tell and stories sell”. The few blogs that captivated me were ones that drew you in with fascinating personal stories that let you live the highs of their achievements and the pains of their struggles right along with them.

So it turns out there was probably more than three keys he taught me to create a successful blog but here is one more. Enthusiasm! That’s it, I really think that is the cornerstone to any success, take blogging out of it. If you can stay enthused about and committed to something then good things are going to happen. I know this will be a massive success. Why, because I can’t tell you how excited I am about it!!!

Thanks to Phoenix SEO

I just wanted to take a second to thank Ryan for all his help. He has lit a fire in me like to other. My trip to Phoenix turned out to be an amazing experience that forever changed me. I know there are a few ways to reach out to him, he has a Facebook page under Phoenix SEO Ryan Humiston. Also, check out his SEO company on yelp.

Edit – here is his YP.com page as well –  http://www.yellowpages.com/phoenix-az/mip/phoenix-seo-ryan-humiston-505234822

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